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A day in the life of a .NET Developer Image Relive a .NET developer's daily life and share his joy, excitement and experiences while coding .NET stuff 23/03/2018 Rishabh Verma 11:00 AM Book
Developers Vs Testers Image Bored !?!? Add spice to your life by watching this Developers Vs Testers battle, which is surely more fresh and exciting than the TV soaps you have been watching. From invalid bug, no repro bugs, duplicate bugs to testing blocked due to high severity issue, it has all the drama that unfolds in an IT company 06/04/2018 Neha Shrivastava 3:00 PM Book
The C# ers Image The coding avengers - C#ers 13/04/2018 Neha Shrivastava 6:00 PM Book